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Diane's Dance N' Tone

"Aerobic Training for You!"


Broadway Bound is happy to announce that Diane Reidy will be teaching the Jacki Sorensen aerobic fitness program at the studio beginning in March.


Classes are being formed for all ages.


Why personal training with aerobics?

Fitness leader Jacki Sorensen has developed three complete cardiovascular fitness and strength programs to work all major muscles of the body in every class.  All programs are taught by well-trained, CPR-certified, professional instructors who lead each class with quality materials and the highest of our industry's standards.  Diane Reidy demonstrates how to vary the intensity and level of participation so that students may set the pace and rate of progress for themselves.  By calculating an individual working heart rate, each student is able to work at a level appropriate to his or her needs and is monitored regularly by the instructor.

Aerobic Dancing started in 1969 when Jacki discovered that her dance experience kept her physically fit.  She developed a complete fitness program for the non-dancer that rapidly became popular and made aerobics a household word.

Aerobic Dancing is the fitness sport that combines the health and figure benefits of jogging with the fun of dancing.  Although choreographed for the non-dancer, Aerobic Dancing is challenging for experienced students.  Students feel as though they are performing while firming their body and strengthening their cardiovascular system.  The program is designed with women in mind; however, men also enjoy Aerobic Dancing.

Our one hour dance program consists of :

25 minutes of muscle toning and abdominal floor work choreographed by Jacki

30 minutes of cardio fitness dances choreographed for NON-DANCERS.

5 minutes of a cool-down routine.

It's one hour of fun because everything goes to the music, you don't feel like you're exercising.

The only "equipment" needed is a good pair of sneakers and comfortable non- restrictive clothing, a mat for your floor work and a water bottle.  (Hand held weights and ankle weights are optional).  Anyone can do this, all ages, shapes and sizes.  This is non-competitive. And it's for all ages. We currently have girls from college age right up to 77 years old!!! Everyone goes at their own pace.  We monitor heart rates to keep it safe, but still effective.

Classes are held for one hour on Monday and Wednesday morning at 9 AM.   The Spring session will be a 10 week session.

The summer session will start in late June and will include the evening classes (as well as the morning classes) which are planned for Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5:30 PM. All classes are UNLIMITED.  Students may attend as often as they wish!

 The cost for the spring session is $150.00.  The summer session will be the same.

Aerobics can be done by anyone...Aerobics can be done anywhere...

Begin your Aerobics Training experience now!!!

For additional information you may call Diane Reidy at 424-1133!


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