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Our Mission and Staff Commitment    

Broadway Bound is committed to providing a healthy environment, which allows its students to enjoy themselves while learning to perform. This studio is run by New York trained certified instructors and staffed by qualified teachers who maintain a personal yet professional  approach while teaching the performing arts.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At Broadway Bound we strive to uphold our mission  statement and we do not take our responsibility lightly. We know that we affect the lives of children everyday.

Our teachers strive to be role models that will be respected by our students. We try to be professional in all we do because we know that excellence in teaching results in better achievement for our students. Nevertheless, there are times when we need to be more than just a teacher. Sometimes we also need to be a friend!

Our program is designed to teach each student performance skills targeted to various levels of capability. We need to be sure we cover the requirements at each level. The performing arts are progressive and each year builds upon the year before. 

We seek consistency in our teaching and throughout our program. Consistency is critical in order to minimize confusion and build upon previous learning experiences. We have created a class syllabus that seeks to insure that students find similar styles and teaching methods from class-to-class...teacher-to-teacher.

Finally, we want our students and teachers to enjoy themselves. The performing arts experience should be one of mutual joy. Students should look forward to taking classes and developing their talent. Teachers want to be rewarded with the realization that their students are meeting the challenge and making progress. Both student and teacher want to enjoy the experience and have fun. Our hope is that our students learn, mature and enjoy, while our teachers take pride in knowing they have influenced the development of young talent.


Thank you for becoming Broadway Bound!


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